About Me

Sanjay Singh

I'm a  3D Character Artist and a freelance photographer based in Bangalore, India. Currently working for Hashbane Interactive NZ as a Lead 3D Artist.


I specialize in making 3d characters, Digi Doubles, Creatures, etc. for movies and Games. 

As a Character Artist, I am proficient in the technical and aesthetic needs of building any character from concept for movie production or Realtime.

As a freelancer I have worked for different clients and studios from many different countries, from the concept, ideas, planning to the whole production but my main skills and goals are focused on Character Modeling and Texturing.

I endeavor to continue pushing the artistic boundaries of 3D and art throughout the rest of my career and enjoy collaborating with like-minded artists who share the same passion for authenticity, story-telling, and a willingness to experiment with new styles and mediums.


As a freelance photographer, I work on projects that help to promote an ethical and socially responsible lifestyle, respect, and good values, through creativity and aesthetics.

Pictures are like music to me, one has to feel to storify them. They are my call for freedom. I’d always rather be, where I’m not [currently]. Restless. On the scout. I take pictures of my own longing for more, for remoteness, for what's not within reach. With the photographs, I want to create something that stays, something that survives, something someone in 30 years will find in their attic. I’m not looking for an answer to questions I never asked- the indeterminate excites me too much. Imagine the ocean had been entirely explored, or the galaxies. That compares to an end. It means to stop dreaming. [And] when I take pictures [or] look at them, I’m exactly at that place, where there are no questions anymore.

I like to experiment with different mediums and now I'm mixing my unique background to tell stories on multiple platforms."

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