The Encounter

Hello People !!!
Its been very long since I posted any personal work here.I started this dragon 2-3 years ago for a VR demo which didn't go in right direction at that time.I started this again and tried to develop the scene with this.I made the Samurai later to add a story behind it (Create your own). Sculpted the model in ZBrush and later retoped in maya.I used Mari and Substance Painter for Textures.Hair was done in X-gen and the scene was rendered in Arnold.Did the final Comping in Photoshop and Lightroom. Hope you like it.
Cheers :)

Sanjay singh compfinal 2kcropped
Sanjay singh compfinal 2k
Sanjay singh dragon1
Sanjay singh dragon2
Sanjay singh dragonzb 00
Sanjay singh dragonzb 01
Sanjay singh dragonmari 01
Sanjay singh diffuse emmission
Sanjay singh rock04
Sanjay singh rocks