Hi Guys
I have been working on this character from quite a while in my free time.I started this as an exercise to learn all the current pipeline and tools.Base concept is inspired from Legends of the Cryptids (by Crow God).I took my artistic freedom to explore my own style on this.This has been a great learning experince so far as I learnt so many things in the process.
I sculpted/detailed the character in Zbrush and used Zremesher for most of the parts except the body.I polypainted for previz before jumping into other software for texturing.most of the texturing was done in mari and for some parts I used Substance Painter.For hair I used Xgen.It took me a while to understand this kickass tool.Its really awesome for hair/fur.For rendering I used Arnold.There are lot of tuts online for Arnold but I highly recommend Arvid's channel on youtube if you are new to Arnold Renderer.Smoke particles were done using maya ndynamics and Krakatoa.For final compositing I used Photoshop.

Sanjay singh final comp 2k2 filter watermark
Sanjay singh bustcam 2k
Sanjay singh costume
Sanjay singh bnw
Sanjay singh bnw closeup
Sanjay singh bg full
Sanjay singh face color
Sanjay singh face
Sanjay singh crown
Sanjay singh costume zb
Sanjay singh stone
Sanjay singh rig wire
Sanjay singh character wire
Sanjay singh scene wire