Death Angel (2016)

This was one of the most challenging personal project I worked so far.I started this as an exercise to learn all the current pipelines and tools. The base concept is inspired by the Legends of the Cryptids. I took my artistic freedom to explore my own style on this. This has been a great learning experience so far as I learned so many things in the process.
I sculpted/detailed the character in Zbrush and used Zremesher for most of the parts except the body. I poly painted for previz before jumping onto other software for texturing. Most of the texturing was done in Mari and for some parts, I used Substance Painter. For hair I used Xgen.For rendering I used Arnold. Smoke particles were done using Maya nDynamics and Krakatoa. For final compositing I used Photoshop.

  • Maya
  • ZBrush
  • Mari
  • Substance Painter
  • Photoshop
  • Krakatoa
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